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Graphite materials for EDM process

1. Application

Fine-grained, isostatically pressed graphite materials are used for the production of electrodes used in the process of electrodrilling. Due to the specific properties of graphite such as:

  • fine-grained structure

  • high resistance to wearing out

  • good workability

  • possibility of producing electrodes in complicated shapes

graphite is an irreplaceable material for electrical discharge machining.

The advantage of graphite electrodes in comparison to copper ones is their lower wear, with simultaneous improvement in their efficiency and quality of the process. Graphite used as a positive electrode gets worn out much slower than an electrode made of copper. Copper electrodes have high heat conductivity, and what goes with it, when there are high electric amplifications they change some of the energy generating a flashover into a heat energy, what creates higher resistance, and electric arc becomes less stable. An electrode made of graphite can remove metal twice as fast in comparison to copper electrode.

2. Assortment

In our offer we have materials of SGL Carbon company such as:

R8340 –used for coarse treatment

R8500 – universal sort

R8510 – for high requirements, resistant for wearing

R8650 – for a precise finishing work

R8710 – for special tasks, very high quality

3. Parameters
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