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Graphite welding electrodes

1. Application

The main application of carbon welding electrodes is a process of electro-pneumatic gouging and cutting. The process of gauging and cutting is a process of melting components with an electric arc with a simultaneous removal of melted material with the use of compressed air.

Advantages of using carbon electrodes in above mentioned process is elimination of such methods of metal treatment as chiselling, sanding, gauging and cutting with a acetylene blowtorch. The results of using carbon electrodes are:

  • simplicity of a process

  • high efficiency of a process

  • lowered nuisance of work

  • economy of a process

Processes, in which carbon electrodes have most applications:

  • welding of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals

  • arc cutting and gauging

  • removal of old welds, finishing operations of welds

  • cleaning and repair of cast iron and non-ferrous metals

  • cutting of metals under water

2. Production process

In order to increase the intensity of arc-air cutting and gouging, carbon electrodes are covered with the layer of electrolytic copper. For the clients with particular current requirements there is a possibility of producing electrodes with specific parameters.

3. Assortment:
  • ESW - 253 S Not copper-clad welding electrodes, round or rectangular

  • ESM - 257 S Copper-clad welding electrodes, round or rectangular

  • ESC - 270 S Copper-clad welding electrodes for underwater cutting, round with a hole

4. Sizes:
5. Physical and mechanical properties
6. Advised current load:
6. Packaging
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