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CARBO-GRAF Sp. z o.o. company has an aim of using its personnel's potential, years of experience, and innovative technical and technology solutions to sustain position of the leader in production and sale of carbon welding and battery electrodes as well as graphite products for metals processing and electrotechnical industry.

CARBO - GRAF Sp. z o.o takes steps to constantly improve the quality in technological solutions of our products, guaranteeing satisfactory operation, and meeting the needs and expectations both our current, as well as future Clients.

Our Quality Policy is conducted by:

  • managing the processes in a way enabling making planned and unplanned services in order to guarantee their efficiency, while protecting resources for its implementation;

  • constant improvement of technology of production, guaranteeing an optimal level of their quality and safety of use, with cooperation with research units

  • building and sustaining steady loyalty links with suppliers and clients concerning defining necessary for the quality technical parameters of products

  • creating professional awareness among the employees through constant raise of their qualifications and competence, as well as providing technical, economic and safety conditions

  • improving the position of the company on the market through constant economical development in order to ensure right sources for achieving goals connected with the quality

A guarantee of the quality of our products, and the measure of our successes is constant development of efficiency of the Quality Management System, as a common work of the whole personnel. All employees are responsible for implementing a Quality Policy, as well as obliged to show initiative in improving the quality of our products, processes and services.

Quality Policy

CTO approval

Welding Institute Assessment

Certificate of the Railway Institute

Certificate No. 10 on approval for the operation of tram slides

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