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Graphite electrodes for arc funaces

1. Application

Graphite electrodes are used in electric arc furnaces used in metallurgy and foundry for the production of steel, ferroalloys, and cast iron. Graphite electrodes have low electric resistance, high mechanical durability, low ash content, and high resistance to temperature changes occurring in arc process. Specially chosen materials and long-lasting production process have a positive impact on the degree of oxidation of electrodes in high temperatures. Wear of electrodes depends mostly on the kind of material melted, temperature, and the duration of the process. Wide range of the offer makes it possible for the user to make an optimal choice of electrodes accordingly to the furnace installation held and technology of production used.

2. Assortment
  • RP for the work in normal conditions of current loads

  • HD for the work in normal and increased current loads

  • HP for the work in conditions of intensively conducted process

  • HP-A for the work in conditions of intensively conducted process

  • UHP for the work in extremely intensive conditions

3. Dimensions and tolerances of the offered electrodes with a 4TPI connector *
4. Physico-chemical parameters
5. Recommended current loads
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