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1. Application

Carburizers are materials with a high content of elemental carbon (from 70 to 99%) used in metallurgical processes directly or as a component for carburizing products, and as a material supporting the desulphurization process of iron ore. Additionally, they can serve as a component in molding and plug mixes in steelmaking and foundry applications. Some of the offered carburizers, due to their silicon carbide (SiC) content ranging up to several tens of percent, are used as additives in the production of alloy steels.

2. Assortment
  • mixed filter dust

  • carbon filter dust

  • coke dust of casting powder

  • microporous chips

  • heat-insulating casting powder 0-1 mm

  • caked casting powder with SiC, 1st and 2nd class

3. Properties of the offered carburizers
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