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Acid-resistant adhesives and high-temperature putties

Acid-resistand adhesives

1. Application

Bakelite adhesives are used for bonding structural elements of products made of corrosion-resistant materials with enriched carbons, for bonding linings made of corrosion-resistant materials with enriched carbons, and for non-carbon materials such as ceramics. They are also used for repairing minor mechanical damage to products made of corrosion-resistant carbon materials. Due to its high thermal conductivity, the graphite adhesive KKG-11 can be applied to joints involved in convective heat exchange.


Types of adhesives:

  • Carbon Acid-Resistant Adhesive KKW-11 for carbon linings

  • Graphite Acid-Resistant Adhesive KKG-11 for graphite linings

2. Basic parameters
Kity wysokotemperaturowe

high-temperature putties

1. Application

Self-setting high-temperature putties are used as seals in various temperature processes.

Types of putties:

  • KIW 141 Putty - produced based on cellulose adhesive. It is used for sealing medium-temperature heating devices such as central heating furnaces.

  • EG-SW Putty - manufactured using organic-mineral adhesive, it is applied in high-temperature processes for sealing purposes, such as crystallizers, chutes, etc.

2. Parameters
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