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Carbon welding electrodes

1. Application

Carbon welding electrodes are primarily used in the process of air-carbon arc gouging and cutting. The essence of the gouging and cutting process involves melting the objects being processed by an electric arc while simultaneously removing the molten material using compressed air.

The advantages of using carbon electrodes in the aforementioned process include eliminating metalworking methods such as chipping, grinding, gouging, and cutting with an acetylene torch. The results of using carbon electrodes include:

  • Simplicity of operation

  • High process efficiency

  • Reduced labor intensity

  • Process economy

The processes where carbon electrodes find the most significant application include:

  • Welding of steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals

  • Arc cutting and gouging

  • Removal of old welds, finishing welds

  • Cleaning and repair of cast iron and non-ferrous metal castings

  • Underwater metal cutting

2. Production process
schemat procesu produkcyjnego.png

To enhance the intensity of the air-carbon arc gouging and cutting process, carbon electrodes are coated with an electrolytic copper layer. For customers with specific current requirements, it is possible to produce electrodes with special parameters.

3. Assortment
  • ESW - 253 S Welding Electrodes, non-copper-coated, round or rectangular.

  • ESM - 257 S Welding Electrodes, copper-coated, round or rectangular.

  • ESC - 270 S Welding Electrodes, copper-coated, specifically for underwater cutting, round with a hole.

4. Dimensions
5. Physical and mechanical parameters
6. Recommended current loads
6. Packing
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