After the decision was made in the year 2000 about closing the Department of Fine Products in Carbon Electrode Industrial Plant "ZEW S.A" in Racibórz, in agreement with this plant we  have decided to continue the production of many products for which there was still a demand on the market. Taking advantage of purchased machines and technologies we brought to life CARBO-GRAF company, which on the basis of experienced workers we have taken over till this day successfully continues the production of carbon and graphite products.

Our products have wide application in metallurgical, electrochemical, and electrical industry.
In metallurgy our products are used for carbonization of iron and its alloys, as well as production of moulding sands and fireproof materials. Graphite elements are used in installations of continuous casting of non-ferrous metals and melting noble metals like silver or gold. Graphite welding electrodes are used in industrial treatment of steel and non-ferrous metals. Electrical industry uses metal-graphite and electrographite materials for, among others, brushes for electrical engines or slides for overhead cranes. Graphite slides produced by us are used in tram, rail and trolleybus transport. Due to their parameters graphite and carbon seals and bearings are used in all kinds of fixtures, pumps, and generators. Our products are also used in glass, automotive, and chemical industry. We have years of experience, proper technical and human resources and thorough knowledge about our products and their application.

Introduced many years ago a Quality Management System in accordance with PN EN ISO 9001:2015, certified by TÜV Rheinland, as well as cooperation with academic institutions, especially with Stanisław Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology, allow us to professionally advise our clients and meet their needs, as well as introduce new technological solutions.

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