Carbon slides, current collectors

1. Application:

Carbograf Sp. z o.o. company continues the production of carbon slides for tram, trolley, railway, and industrial traction, started by Zakłady Elektrod Węglowych (Factory of Carbon Electrodes) in Racibórz decades ago. Years of experience and constant improvement of production technology results in a product successfully competing with other producers of materials made of carbon and graphite.

Zakłady Elektrod Węglowych (Factory of Carbon Electrodes) in Racibórz was a producer supplying all the national rolling stock (except for railway traction) in carbon contact strips for electricity receivers. It allows to constantly implement our client's remarks in order to improve quality and lower production costs.

Currently these experiences allow CARBO-GRAF company produce carbon strips with a high rate of quality to the price, what is very convenient for our clients.

Advantages of using properly chosen carbon shoes are indisputable, especially when it comes to:

  1. durability of traction wires

  2. elimination of breakdowns caused by welding of the receiver with a traction wire

  3. elimination of radio interference

  4. lowering of the noise

  5. lowering of exploitation costs

2. Assortment of shoes and current collectors:
  • carbon shoes fixed for the tram-car traction type SWR F10B

  • carbon shoes fixed for the industrial traction type SWP F10B

  • carbon shoes glued on the light aluminium construction for tram-car traction type SWT F10B/AL

  • copper-graphite current collectors of overhead cranes receivers M65

  • copper-graphite current collectors of overhead cranes receivers M97

  • copper-graphite grounding brushes for railway wheel sets M87

3. Dimensions of the offered slides and current collectors:
4. Physico-mechanical properties of the slides materials
5. Research and development.

Recently Carbograf Sp. z o.o. has been developing a technology of producing carbon shoes glued to tram-car and railway aluminum pantographs basing on our own technology of gluing and constructing frames. In this area we cooperate with national science and research centers. Currently we are working on a technology of creating a new generation carbon material allowing to reduce the weight of a shoe, lowering the resistance between shoe strips and self-supporting frame and improve the dynamics of its work.