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Other graphite products

Plate linings

Plate linings – anti-corrosion materials

1. Application

Plate linings are used for corrosion protection in reactors as well as walls, floors, and tanks exposed to chemical substances. They are characterized by high resistance to various chemical agents such as acids, bases, salts, organic compounds, etc.

Types of corrosion-resistant materials:

  • PWN Unsaturated Carbon Plate

  • PGN Unsaturated Graphite Plate

  • PWB-11 Carbon Plate Saturated with Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin

  • PGB-11 Graphite Plate Saturated with Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin

2. Basic parameters
Graphite rods

Graphite rods

1. Application

Graphite rods have a wide range of applications in various industrial fields. They are used as cores for copper-coated welding electrodes for cutting and grooving, as stirrers in the metal melting process, electrodes for small arc furnaces, heating elements for resistance furnaces, and materials for processing various small graphite elements.


Types and dimensions of rods:

  • Smooth ESW 253

  • Grooved ESW 253

  • Smooth ESW F-10a

  • Grooved ESW F-10a

2. Basic parameters


1. Application

Used as a resistive insert for laboratory resistance furnaces used for firing ceramic materials.

2. Basic parameters

Carbon candles for filtration

Carbon candles
1. Application

Carbon candles for liquid sulfur filtration are components of Adams filters used for purifying molten sulfur. However, they can also be used for filtering other liquid materials, especially in processes conducted at high temperatures. In the glass industry, candle material in the form of disks is used to receive glass droplets in glassware molding machines.

2. Basic parameters

Graphite trays and boxes for thermal processes

Graphite trays and boxes
1. Application

Due to their resistance to thermal shocks and high temperatures, graphite materials are utilized in the production of trays, boxes, and various types of pads used in thermal processes such as sintering, roasting, firing, etc.

Graphite elements are custom-made according to customer drawings. Simultaneously, we provide advice to our customers regarding the selection of optimal graphite.

The most commonly used graphites for the production of trays and boxes are R7340 and HLM.

2. Parameters
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