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Metal-graphite brush panels

1. Application:

Carbon and graphite materials and their combinations with metals are the only known materials suitable for production of brushes, contacts and shoes for electrical machinery. It is caused mainly by their very good thermal and electrical conductivity, low friction coefficient, and greasiness in changing weather conditions.

2. Manufacturing process:

Graphite-metal materials are manufactured on the basis of very high quality natural graphite and powders of metals such as copper, tin, lead, silver, etc. A combination of very high electrical and thermal conductivity of metals with high greasiness of natural graphite allows to achieve materials carrying high current loads (above 25A/cm2) with a low contact resistance between a brush and a commutator/ring, and low friction coefficient (below 0,2).


Production consists of the following processes:

  • sieving loose raw materials

  • mixing raw materials

  • sieving the mixture

  • block pressing

  • burning

3. Types and Parameters
4. Currently available sizes of manufactured plates and fittings
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