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Acid-proof glues

Acid-proof glues and high temperature putty

Acid-proof glues

1. Application

Bakelite glues are used for bonding construction elements of products made of anti-corrosion materials of ennobled carbons, for bonding coverings made of anti-corrosion materials of ennobled carbons and non-carbon materials e.g. ceramic, repairing small mechanical damages of products made of anticorrosive carbon materials. Due to high heat conductivity graphite glue KKG-11 can be used in cracks taking part in diaphragm heat exchange.

Types of glues:

  • Acid-proof Carbon Glue KKW-11 for carbon lining

  • Acid-proof Graphite Glue KKG for graphite lining

2. Basic parameters
High-temperature putty

High-temperature putty

1. Application

Self-sintering high-temperature putty are used for sealing in various temperature processes.

Types of putty:

  • KIW 141 putty

Produced on the basis of cellulose adhesive. It is used for sealing semi-temperature heating devices such as central heating furnaces.

  • EG-SW putty

Made with the use of organic-mineral adhesive, it is used in high-temperature processes for sealings of e.g. crystallizers, drains, etc.

2. Parameters
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