Other graphite products

Acid-proof glues

1. Application:

Bakelite glues are used for bonding construction elements of products made of anti-corrosion materials of ennobled carbons, for bonding coverings made of anti-corrosion materials of ennobled carbons and non-carbon materials e.g. ceramic, repairing small mechanical damages of products made of anticorrosive carbon materials. Due to high heat conductivity graphite glue KKG-11 can be used in cracks taking part in diaphragm heat exchange.

Types of glues:

  • Acid-proof Carbon Glue KKW-11 for carbon lining

  • Acid-proof Graphite Glue KKG for graphite lining

2. Basic characteristics of chemo-resistant glues

Liner plates - anticorrosive materials

1. Application:

Liner plates are used for anticorrosive linings of reactors and walls, floors and baths exposed to chemicals. They have high resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, organic compounds etc.

Types of anticorrosive materials

  • PWN non-saturated carbon plate

  • PGN non-saturated graphite plate

  • PWB-11 carbon plate saturated with formaldehyde-phenol resin

  • PGB-11 graphite plate saturated with formaldehyde-phenol resin

2. Basic parameters:

High-temperature putty

1. Application:

Self-sintering high-temperature putty are used for sealing in various temperature processes.

Types of putty:

  • KIW 141 putty

Produced on the basis of cellulose adhesive. It is used for sealing semi-temperature heating devices such as central heating furnaces.

  • EG-SW putty

Made with the use of organic-mineral adhesive, it is used in high-temperature processes for sealings of e.g. crystallizers, drains, etc.

2. Parameters:

Graphite bars

1. Application:

Graphite bars have wide range of application in many different fields of industry. Among others, as cores of copper welding electrodes for cutting and grooving, as stirrers in the processes of melting metals, electrodes for small arc furnaces, heaters for resistance furnaces, materials for the treatment of different small graphite elements.

Types and sizes of bars:

  • ESW 253 smooth

  • ESW 253 grooved

  • ESW F-10a smooth

  • ESW F-10a grooved

2. Sizes and properties of bars produced:


1. Application:

As a resistance input for laboratory resistance furnaces for burning ceramic materials.

2. Physico-mechanical parameters

Carbon candles for filtration

1. Application:

Carbon candles for liquid sulphur filtration are part of the equipment of Adams’ filters used for cleaning of sulphur in liquid state. They can be used for filtrating other liquid materials, especially in the processes conducted in high temperatures. In glass industry candle material in the form of discs is used to collect drops of glass in automatic machines of the glass products moulding.

2. Physico-mechanical parameters:

Graphite elements for soldering

1. Application:

Due to the resistance of graphite to high temperatures, as well as high electic and heat conductivity, it can be used as electrodes, washers, and other elements in the process of soldering. For the production of soldering moulders and electrodes we use isostatically pressed graphites. For less demanding processes there can also be used semi-grained graphites such as HLM or ESW bars.

2. Parameters:

Trays and graphite boxes for thermal processes

1. Application:

Due to resistance to thermal shock and high temperature graphite materials are used for the production of trays and many types of washers used in thermal processes such as sintering, calcination, roasting etc.

Graphite elements are made to order, according to the client’s drawing. We also advise our clients in the choice of the most optimal graphite.

The most commonly used graphites for the production of trays and boxes:

R7340 and HLM

2. Parametry